SCN Corporate Connect

SCN Corporate Connect™ is developing and delivering breaking, on-demand news and information through video, social media, articles, over-the-top broadcast, and newsletters, focusing specifically on the multi-billion dollar small cap sector, both domestically and internationally.

Corporate Connect helps companies tell and distribute their stories with professionally scripted, HD quality videos shot in our studios at the NASDAQ and NYSE. We distribute those stories across financial news sites, through our partner affiliates, and all relevant social media platforms.

Key to the effectiveness of the SCN Corporate Connect™ program is our unprecedented distribution network delivering a Company‚Äôs story to shareholders and a professional investor oriented base including institutional investors, ultra-high network investors, and more than 4,000 family offices including:

  • More than 5 million proactively managed small cap investors, funds institutions, registered financial advisors, stock brokers and small funds.
  • Exclusive proprietary distribution with Harvest network, the fastest growing financial media site, consisting of more than 9,000 financial firms representing 400,000 verified investor professionals.
  • Exclusive digital partnerships posting on 300 Google-ranked local and national websites, reaching over 5,000,000 investors.