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AI Investor Marketing

 Investor Targeting

Dara evaluates your existing investor, marketing and customer data against incoming campaign data to create a profile of an ideal investor. Using proprietary algorithms, Dara is able to reverse-engineer an audience of likely investors.


Cross-Channel Marketing

Today’s investors are online, mobile and social. Dara evaluates and recommends the optimal cross-channel marketing strategy so your story is presented multiple times across marketing channels, increasing engagement and conversion.


Marketing Attribution

It’s critical that you know what combination of events – and in what particular order – influence investment. Dara seamlessly plugs in to your existing website, landing pages, or platform, allowing for effective measurement of ROI.


Media Buying

Media channels are infinite. Media budgets are not. It’s crucial that your money delivers the highest possible ROI. Dara has insights no other Engine has, giving you a distinct advantage in maximizing your paid media dollars.


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